New Facebook Group: The Blogging Hub

The Blogging Hub

Finding a certain type of blog post can be a stressful task. I spend a good deal of my time on Google trying to find the right article, website or blog post. Sometimes, I find the perfect post after few minutes of searching and sometimes I don’t find it at all. Trust me, this is daunting. Trying to find the one good post out of millions if not billions of posts most times makes me want to cry.

I blame myself too sometimes because I get distracted by other posts that have absolutely nothing to do with my search topic. Before I know it, a whole day is gone and I end up watching videos of kittens on YouTube. If only the internet can be organised.

Amazingly, a solution has been found…

There’s a new Facebook page called “The Blogging Hub”. The Blogging Hub is a great place for Bloggers and Blog readers to connect across the world. This group has been created to support and help people find relevant blog posts from bloggers from ALL niches who are starting out and want to showcase their work or want to grow their blog(s).

The aim of this group is to connect Readers to blog posts and Bloggers to the right audience using the Facebook platform. Almost everyone uses Facebook which means a wider population of people you can connect with.

This is how it works – Daily Blog Threads are posted each day by the admin with a labelled post categories such as lifestyle, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Hair, Makeup, IT, Food, Relationship, Mums, Business, Entrepreneurship, Books etc. Only bloggers whose post(s) fall into such posted thread category will showcase their post(s) with links to their website in the thread.

For example, a post thread will be labelled “Lifestyle” and only lifestyle posts will be uploaded underneath the thread. This is to make it easy for readers to identify blogs posts and not just browse through endless posts looking for the right one.

This way, bloggers and blog readers can easy locate each other. A win-win situation!

Now, this is what I’m talking about; Organisation!!!!

To promote such an amazing group, you can Join, Share and add Friends automatically.

No long queue to get approval, no hassle!

So, if you are a Blogger or an avid blog post Reader, click HERE to join.



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  2. 16/09/2023 / 7:09 PM

    Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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