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Missing in action - business

I haven’t written a blog post in a year now. I have been missing in action. Not really sure why because I do have a passion for writing but, kind of struggling with which direction I should focus on. My blog started as a business consulting platform but I think it needs revamping. I want to make it fun and relatable.

But first, lets figure out my life.

So, I started my PhD programme in October 2017 and it has definitely been a roller-coaster. I had a big bang moment when I chose to do a PhD. It was my contribution to help change my community. I don’t think I want to anymore (this is the stress part talking).

To be honest, the only motivation I have in continuing with my research is the ‘Dr’ title I get at the end. This is because I get to compete with my sister who is an actual medical doctor.

Apparently, this is common in the PhD community. We all get stressed and think of opting out. Something I wish I could just hit the unsubscribe button. Well, this is a story for another day.

Asides my PhD drama, my main struggle is finding a balance between schooling, working and having a social life.

The struggle is definitely real.

One major aspect of my struggle if finding my passion: is it Lecturing, Business Consulting or Law? I ponder on this every single day and I can’t seem to figure it out.

Any tips for your girl?

I love lecturing. I love transferring knowledge known and found to young active minds. Knowing that whatever knowledge I pass to students can be potentially useful to them when choosing their career encourages me to do better. After every lecture, I get a sense of fulfilment that I have made a positive impact on someone.

Not everything is rosy with lecturing. Firstly, teaching boring topics means I get poker faces from my students all through the lecture. Trust me, no amount of jokes can cure a boring topic.

Secondly, marking is the ruthless villain in my love story.  I don’t like marking. Gosh, I hate it. Reading the same thing over and over again feels like I’m developing strabismus (crossed eyes).

Fear and missing in action - business

Business wise, I love helping people with business-related issues. Being a business owner, I’ve learned a lot and studying an MBA has increased my self-confidence, personal growth, strategic thinking and most especially, my curiosity. When it comes to business, I see opportunities in everything. Show me a pen and I see how to make it better and profitable. This is something I love to share. I don’t hold back when it comes to passing helpful information to people. I see this as a potential career for me and I know I would definitely enjoy doing this.

But, what’s stopping me you ask? Fear! Fear that I might fail.

It’s very ironic that fear is the thing I instill in my friends to overcome when developing their brands. I need to start taking my own advice.

Law, my first love. What would I do without you? You’ve taught me independence, humanity and consequences. You’ve taught me how to live in love, hate and respect. I’ve built a career around you; being a barrister, solicitor (merged in Nigeria) and now a lecturer. You’ve been really good. I can always rely on you when every other thing doesn’t work out. You are my humble backup plan – Plan X.

Above all, I need to find a balance. My social life is non-existing. I owe it to myself to live my life to the fullest and be successful in my career.

Most especially, I need to make money out of my 4 Degrees.



  1. Ajiri Aruga
    10/05/2019 / 8:44 AM

    Me-too! Trying to find a balance on where my passion lies… I feel I can do almost everything I put my mind to do.. My brother in-law says I’m so talented, but I need to focus.. True! On which one of’em? Law, business, fashion…phew! So I trust God for Direction…It’s a process and I’m pressing… not relenting.. making all skills count…

    Much love bukky..Great job!!!

    • Anonymous
      10/05/2019 / 10:54 AM

      Awesome post Esther

      As humans we have been created for so much more than we can ever imagine we are capable of. It is your multidimensional being at work here my dear. You are operating on the different planes you are designed to operate from. You don’t need to pick only one out. You can lecture law, Human resources and business. I mean you have the technical expertise necessary. Of course you might feel overwhelmed, life pulling you in different directions but as life progresses, one or two will gain ascendancy then you will be sure which careers will drive your life’s vision

      A big pat on the part for launching for greatness. That’s the way to go sis. As opportunities come daily, seize them so far as they tilt towards the specific career paths you have chosen.

      At the end of the day, you will know you lived full and you did all you could do for humanity

      Most importantly, live( enjoy your life), love( share your affections with those u hold dearest) and laugh( the best medicine). These three things make all other things worth it

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